Where To Find Premium Rebrandable Content for Your Membership Coaching Program


One of the most important things you need to make your membership program successful is an enormous amount of content. The content cannot just be any old content either; it must be relevant, focused, and high quality to meet the standards of a membership website. However, there are simple ways to find all this content and make it work.

* PLR - Private label rights content is a great way to find plenty of content to use in your membership website. You can find all kinds of PLR, from eCourses to full-fledged packages that cover all aspects of a particular niche. The key with using PLR is to rewrite it and change it up to make it your own. A great place to get PLR is Buy Quality PLR

* Videos - Making videos doesn't have to be that hard; you don't even have to appear in the video if you don't want to. Record your desktop doing something that you want to teach your members to do. Record an interview, or post videos members made. You can also hire people on Fiverr.com to make explainer videos for you, or use a service like YumYumVideos.com.

* Reports - A report is really a small eBook that talks about one specific problem or issue and how to solve it, or it can be an overview of many problems with links to solutions for each problem. It's up to you how you might want to do reports. But you'll need to have them for your membership website.

* Infographics - An infographic is a pictorial depiction of data that is hard to explain with words. Usually infographics are quite in depth and long. You can use a service like Piktochart.com to help you create awesome infographics. All you need is the data.

* Podcasts - A podcast is an audio recording for the net. It is a lot like a radio show that is just not live. You can record interviews using software like Audacity to create your podcast. You can hire someone in Fiverr to make a wonderful promo opening for your podcast and sell advertising spots too


* Webinars - You might not think of webinars as content right off the bat, but it is. Plus it's an easy way to get more content for your use on your membership website. Spend an hour a month having a Google Hangout that you record. Transcribe it, repurpose it, and use it multiple times. A great idea that is used by many successful marketers is to purchase a PLR video product, rebrand it and launch it as a coaching webinar to educate your readers while building trust and authority with them.

* Teleseminars - A really great way to produce more content is a teleseminar. You can do teleseminars simply with software like Instantteleseminars.com and what's more is that they can play again as "live" anytime you want.

* Event Information - Whenever you have a podcast, webinar, teleseminar or other event, you can promote information about the event to your membership. This event is a great way to use the words that get attention from your audience, as well as to get new members. When you say members go to the event free and non-members have to pay, you'll get attention.

* Memes - A great type of content to use on social media are images with quotes or data that you find interesting and that your audience will find useful. Add a compelling graphic with the quote and you have a winning meme that might go viral. Be sure to watermark it. You can create memes easily using Canva.com.

* Research Data - To develop enough content for your membership website, you'll need to continuously research data about your niche. You can report on that data in a straightforward way, and then you can use bits and pieces of the data to create even more content.

* Presentations - Using PowerPoint and SlideShare.net you can create slide shows about any topic with research to back it up. Don't forget that you can repurpose a slide show or presentation into a podcast or a report.

All of this is content that will improve your membership website. Having a mixture of content types is going to make your membership website a lot more interesting to members, and make members more likely to stay connected and renew their membership each month. To find premium rebrandable content for your passive income membership site, click here.


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